Friday, September 08, 2006

Sit Rep

Current Painting:
GW WoodElf Noble w/great weapon (absolutely gorgeous sculpt.)
Infinity Haqqislam Ghulam Doctor (I'm addicted to the Corvus Belli sculpts.)
Infinity Haqqislam Djanbazan (ditto.)

Current Converting:
Exodite Ranger for the W.I.P. Eldar Kill Team (yeah, I know I'm dragging my heels over this one but I just can't get a pose that doesn't look boring).
Lost'n'Damned Basilisk (big guns! spiky bitz! needs more dragony bitz though. There'll be some serious greenstuffing and I'm kinda putting it off while I've still got enough light to paint on an evening.)

Current RPG GMing:
Conspiracy X (I may even write up the campaign at some point.)

Current RPG Writing:
Exalted - Dragon Blooded (due to start at the beginning of university term time, somewhere round October 1st)

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