Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stop That Boat! Part 1

So they PCs get word that Naglfar has sailed and it on it's way through the nine realms up to Asgard. Not the best of news but the PCs have got a plan. Several plans. OK, more plans than any sane party should ever have...

They start out with Sheep Heaven. Simple really. They want to tap into the Odysseus trope by kidnapping a Cyclops (and his sheep - he'd been living as a farmer in NZ, even had his 3 year 'no fatalities' badge from Murdering Monsters Anonymous) then taunting the Fire Giants into killing him so Poseidon would damn them to roam the seas for nine years rather than nine days. Nearly worked, but the Cyclops was kidnapped rather than killed. They didn't take the sheep, however, who now rule over their own terra incognita.

Having spied on Naglfar docking to resupply in Muspelheim Operation Ergot was put into action. The PC god of balance and harmony enchanted about a third of the food supplies on board to start sprouting again, making them completely unpalatable to the charcoal munching giants. Resounding success.

Operation RyanAir span off from that. Having spied the tensions between the Giant warbands, the PCs had made sure that Operation Ergot had only affected one particular tribe creating a lot of hostility between the various clan chiefs. Ryanair was designed to exacerbate these hostilities to fatal levels on a cramped voyage. Didn't work entirely but certainly had an effect.

Operation Baldurgate was a late addition once they'd discovered that one of the souls kidnapped to row the ship was Baldur, the Beautiful. Having got on quite well with him the last time they met (and him and Hod being crucial to the plan to the effect that Hod stopped being the god of emo kids and started being the god of sabotage) Baldurgate was designed to get as many rowers off the ship (slowing it down again) and, of course, rescue Baldur and his wife, Nanna while the ship was docked at Jotunheim. Worked very well.

Having decided that they needed a distraction capable of being launched by their mortal special forces allies but that molatovs weren't really an option, Operation Heston's Kitchen was the invention of the anti-molatov - liquid nitrogen encased in polystyrene. It gave the mortals enough of an edge that they didn't die the moment the battle started.

And the final act within the Giant realms was Operation Pimp My Ant. On their way out of Naglfar's hold the PCs dropped off an ant hive 'borrowed' from a Nigerian ant god with dominion over artistry. The ants started dismantling Naglfar's internal walls one tiny sculpture at a time...


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Dropped A Meteor On Muspelheim and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

The start of the true epicness of the campaign, where everything started to gel at a wonderful level, was Mjolnir II. As a side effect of stopping a child kidnapping ring working for the Erl King the players dropped a meteor with a 20 mile diameter through a portal between Midgard and Muspelheim. Yep - a random side quest wiped out two thirds of the entire population of Fire Giants. All because the players take note of interesting magic I'd set up as canon for the setting several months before.

Operation Surtr's Patio was set up to deal with the aftermath of Mjolnir II as dropping an asteroid on Muspelheim had fairly large side affects - specifically most of the volcanoes in Midgard erupting as all the mystical gates between the two realms get flung open by the impact. As a method of solving the problem of lots of magma all over the place the players got a bit ambitious - and started to plan creating their own planet. With the portal tech they'd used for the asteroid itself and a canon piece of mystic wooga (I had previously set up a meeting between different bands of Scions that occurred in it's own little pocket dimension with its own way of dealing with time while you were inside it) they engineered the magma to some spilling out of the other end of the portal in ten years time - after it'd been fired out in the depths of the solar system by the Russian space program. The patio's a bit chilly but it'll have a nice view.

And all of this set up Ragnarok quite nicely. Odin, never one to miss a trick, forced Ragnarok into happening early while the Fire Giants were still massively depleted so the Aesir could fight for the win. Of course, that wasn't easy either...


Monday, July 05, 2010

The Saga of the Wanderers

It's finally finished.

After 123 sessions, 10 Legend and the best part of 900xp the epic Scion campaign of epicness has drawn to a close - Ragnarok has been 'diverted' and the Wanderers have finally hung up their boots to take their place among the greatest gods of the Aesir. After sacrifice, betrayal, love, honour and, of course, the dropping of a 20km asteroid on Muspelheim the campaign notebooks have finally been hung up.

I'm somewhere between absolutely exhausted and incredibly bouncy and elated.