Monday, May 13, 2013

New Campaign

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a good campaign needs a really cool title.

And I don't have one. Yet.

I know what I want to do with it - an Aeon/Trinity campaign set (or at least starting) in the colonies established on the Jovian moons and all the cool stuff that can be done with Io, Europa and the other awesome parts of intrasystem space, but I don't have a title so I'm still a little anchorless.

There is a working title - 'Ethereal Skies' - but it just doesn't seem to give justice to the epicness of what I'm planning. I may need to brainstorm a bit...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sneaks back to the blog...

Finally have stuff to write about! Woohoo!

Firstly may as well fess up about the Beat To Quaters campaign. It was fun, going to Mars, beating up Tripods, however it was kinda ruined by the general fact that one of the players cheated. Constantly. Rearranging the deck every time he thought I wasn't looking. It created something of a bad atmosphere around the table. So a word of warning to anyone else running Empire!- make you players put down the cards if they're not actually supposed to doing something.

Kinda put off by the whole thing I decided to go back to fantasy for the next uni yearand ran a fantasy version of the Leverage system. This worked ungodly well and an extremely fun time was had by all, especially the PC who turned out to be 'Tyler Durdan'ing the entire thing by actually being the bad guy and not knowing - and, of course, me not knowing until the players sprang the flashbacks on me that backed this up. Dear $diety do I love the players for that game!

This year just gone I've ran a Conspiracy X/Laundry Files crossover campaign - basically ConX in the UK. There has been much fun - diving out of a moving plane over Albania, setting off an EMP that took out the electricity stations across the majority of East Yorkshire and discovering what the golfballs at Fylingdales are really doing.

Currently in planning as I've had a request to run Aeon Trinity (the White Wolf SciFi setting) for this coming uni year. More on that to come...