Thursday, December 14, 2006

Eidolon Campaign 1.0, Paradigm Shift

As previously mentioned, I've started uploading my Conspiracy X campaign. This is the introductory adventure, designed to be run in a one afternoon session and give the players a taste of the Conspiracy X world. As ConX v2 wasn't out when I started this I was running with a modded version of the the new World of Darkness rules so I haven't included any stats, but as the major antagonist is injured he's probably best being tailored to the cell's capabilities anyway.

The scenario is here:

There will be repercussions later in the campaign for what happens here, just enough to make the players feel clever for remembering it later on.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Conspiracy X Campaign Notes

I did promise to post my Conspiracy X campaign notes once I'd typed them up. I know my players so I go into insane amounts of detail when I'm planning for all the weird stuff they could spring on me (and yet they still manage to surprise me - I will expound upon the story of how they suddenly decided to requisition a T-Rex skull eventually.)

Anyway here is the overview/GMs intro giving a brief teaser of all the individual scenarios. The actual scenario write-ups are gradually taking shape and the first few should be ready very soon too.