Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'd picked up this guy on GW's mail order site a while back and was fairly unimpressed. The detail on the mail order minis, especially the faces, was far below what I generally expect. I didn't really want it to go to waste but also wasn't that impressed with the pose - far to difficult to transport for a start, the spear was dreadfully bent and threatening to snap. Removing the spear I decided to convert him to backflipping over a piece of broken warmachinery, severing the waist and leg and repositioning them to look like the legs were actually going the right way. It might have gone better if I'd arched the back a bit more but on the whole I quite like him like this.

When I picked up this base in a pack from Micro Art Studio I was a bit wary as to what I could use it for, the slope didn't really fill me with hope for a good fit. However with a bit of modification the Panzerfaust Ghulam fits quite nicely, sitting perched on top of a pile of rubble looking for targets.