Monday, September 18, 2006

The Con X Campaign is Finally Over

My players and I have finally finished my Conspiracy X campaign 'Eidolon' after a year of conspiracies, bluffs, double bluffs, Saurian invasion plans and more information on virii than any sane non-doctor should ever need. While all the original player characters survived, one is in need of immediate top-security psychiatric care and will never go back on active duty again. So on behalf of everyone who has had so much enjoyment from playing (and hearing about) the campaign I salute you:

The Major; whos ability to avoid telling the other characters information has passed into legend.

Captain Hospitalier; bane of Saurians and the only person who seriously regards snowmen as legitimate camoflauge.

'Jinx' Jackson; the only man who, when told about impressive skulls involved in ancient incarnate binding rituals, would automatically think 'where can I get the remains of a T-Rex'

Claymore; the least psychic non-void in the history of existance.

and of course Cavanagh; the easily led psychic, now led only by the straps of his straightjacket.

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