Friday, September 15, 2006

At Least I Get to Write...

Mostly writing up the notes on my Conspiracy X campaign last night. Once I've finished GMing it(one or two weeks at the very most) I'll post 'em up on the X12 yahoo group.

Since there was no painting last night (something to do with Leeds having a small hurricane rip through it last night. Seriously.) here's the final infinity model from last week's painting.

The sculpt has a small probem with the facial molding. The mold line (with a whole lot of flash attached) goes right through the left side of his face and mangles some of the definition. It didn't seem to be 100% right no matter what I did. Oh, and the comment has been made that I really should just marry the Vallejo florescent green. It's just too cool not to use for icky, posssibly radioactive waste.

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