Friday, June 25, 2010

From The Ground Up - Maybe Not the Best Way To Reach The Stars...

I've been having a significant amount of trouble with this setting - it's just not gripping me, just niggling away and world building for the sake of world building. It doesn't have the sense of fun I really enjoy creating for my players.

Maybe it's the fact that it just doesn't have a hook. If I tried to pitch it as a TV series it feels like something that'd either get cancelled after three episodes never to be seen again because the ratings were so abysmal or a series that would struggle on for half a series slowly petering out.

I'm of the general opinion that if I can't sell a concept to myself I won't be able to sell it to a group of players and make it in any way as enjoyable as the current one. As a GM I feel that I have duty to not make roleplaying boring or turn it into some sort of lecture rather than an enjoyable interactive experience.

I still adore the Duty and Honour/Beat to Quarters system (Empire!) and it's been rattling around my brain trying to attract my attention with a big flag that says 'Go With Your Instincts!' since I wrote part 4 of the blog. So I think I will. Currently I'm thinking of combining Empire! with epic space battles and going for awesomely cool steampunk spaceships. And possibly Martian Tripods. And death rays.

Yay! I can have Skullduggery back!

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