Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Vanguard - Raptor Sergeant

I'd been holding back from my beloved Alpha Legion with the release of the new Chaos codex but now I've actually got my grubby little hands on it it's made me want to go back and work on my Lost'n'Damned. While the Legion got a little bit nerfed by the new rules, the actual list is very nice indeed and the Legion get three quaters of a page of descriptions of how devious they are - which can't be bad. However, it does make me want to play the devious legion that nicks all it's stuff from Imperial supply convoys and converts entire IG regiments to Chaos.
Here is the first of my 'disguised' Alpha Legionnaires, and the head of his enemy.

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FNG said...

Nice :)

I'm thinking of starting an alphas force... must admit i just finished Legion and hey are so very sneaky.