Wednesday, January 24, 2007

After the discussion started by Despoyler on W.I.P. I had a quick go at creating an Autarch only out of plastic bitz mainly from the new Dire Avenger kit. After a bit of testing I used a female guardian torso and backpack (why don't they do an official female autarch? it seems a massive oversight), a plume from a dark eldar sprue (free with a WD so old I can't remember what was in it) and a 'nid gribbly to trample. I'm not desperatly impressed by the pose but I did knock this up in less than thirty minutes and I wouldn't be embarrassed using it.

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warlock emniah said...

hey thanks for making this model top knotch conversion i took your idea acept that i gave my autarch scorpion chainsword and a dire avenger catapult and its painted in the ulthwe strikeforce colours(black and bleched bone)
please make more conversions thanks